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Stunning fortress for sale in Aquitaine

Conditions and ethics

For customers protection, displaying these terms of conditions is mandatory by law for all estate agencies in France:

All prices displayed on this site are in Euros (€) and include by law the agency fees to be paid by the buyer.

Under current law, to protect the seller, the buyer, and the estate agent:
filing an estate or visiting an estate may only happen upon written request. This request must be filed as a mandate that must be recorded into the mandatory agency mandates register (art. 72 of decree #72-678 of 20th of July 1972).

Agency fees:
From 10,000 € (or less) to 100,000 €: 10%
from 101,000 € to 130,000 €: 8 %
from 131,000 € to 150,000 € : 7%
upon 150,000 €: 6%

In certain difficult cases, it is permitted that the estate agent increases the fees because of the longer or expensive work he did. However, the fees collected by the estate agent are subject to 19.6% VAT plus 60% owed to several funds fees, business taxes, Universal Social Contribution (CSG), and tax on income...

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Centre de la France (18)

Grandiose château-hôtel-restaurant de style anglais à vendre :

4500 m², toutes prestations récentes, aux dernières normes de sécurité ; magnifique parc de 22 ha traversé par une rivière, maison annexe, oratoire. Calme, vue, détente des prestations haut-de-gamme.

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