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Stunning fortress for sale in Aquitaine

Exceptional renovated medieval fortress for sale with 168 hectares

Fortress, medieval castle for sale Aquitaine southwest France

Mandate nb. 1255

Exterior classed as, interior listed as «historic monument», surrounded by moat, 3000 m² habitable surface area with 40 rooms. The castle enjoys all comforts: lift, Jacuzzi, computer infrastructure etc. 168 hectares of land with woods, pasture and lakes.
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This castle was built on the line of the great feudal castles that dotted the border between Aquitaine and the Kingdom of France: an impregnable medieval fortress that has remained intact across the centuries. It is a prototype of military architecture from the 10th to the 14th & 15th centuries and appears in reference books on architecture of the period.

In the middle of its 168 hectares of woods and pastureland, this majestic monument has survived the many conflicts that took place in the much fought-over region. It even witnessed the death of one of history’s greatest figures, Richard the Lionheart!

The interior has been entirely renovated with rare care and splendor. It is a labyrinth of some 3000 m² / 40 rooms, some vast, some more intimate. The layout is perfectly functional for every day living with some more modern elements such as Jacuzzi, computer room, giant TV screen, lift etc. Most importantly, the original character of this spellbinding place has been preserved with spiral staircases, gothic windows, and monumental fireplaces. Other elements have been added throughout the castles colorful history with beams, solid oak paneling and doors from all periods. The castle is sold furnished.

The castle is situated on the border of the Dordogne region. 5 minutes from a small town with all shops.
30 minutes from a seat of Prefecture with 100,000 inhabitants, 2 h 30 from Toulouse, Bordeaux, Orleans (int. airports).

At 10 minutes from several airports and airfields, this unique castle and its immense land offer various possibilities of worthwhile investments: Middle Ages golf place, riding club, medieval restaurant, private village, luxury hotel with private runway etc.
With an helicopter 20 minutes from the aviators' village Green Airpark - we will advise you to move in there !

Price : value = 30 000 000 €

agency fees from the seller, who wishes an efficient price by settlement agreement.

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